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The Road Book 2023 Bundle


Due to phenomenal demand, we are re-printing our 2023 volume. Pre-order now and receive the EXCLUSIVE OFFER of a Road Book Exercise Book alongside your copy of The Road Book 2023, all for just £50 (normal price £65)  

Delivery is due in mid April 2024.

The Road Book 2023 is a beautifully made hardback that reverently and diligently captures the whole 2023 cycling season in incredible detail.

The 6th edition of our definitive guide to cycling is the largest, and dare we say, the best version yet. 

Featuring over 1000 pages of exclusive unrivalled data and infographics from every professional race in the men’s and women’s calendar, it also includes unique personal insights from cycling experts and riders who experienced it all. There is no greater way to reminisce over the 2023 season. 

With a special introduction by our editor Ned Boulting, you won’t find a better ‘end of year’ summary, placing the entire cycling season into context, and offering a reference to enjoy for years to come. 

This lovingly put-together compendium truly is the best way to relive the remarkable, dizzying season of cycling that was 2023. 

2023’s edition brings together Winner’s Words from the cycling greats: 

  • Mark Cavendish
  • Victor Campenaerts
  • Lotte Kopecky
  • Demi Vollering

Alongside insightful contributions from:

  • Giles Belbin
  • Ned Boulting
  • Peter Cossins
  • Lizzie Deignan
  • Callum Devereux
  • Amy Lauren Jones
  • Lukas Knofler
  • Katy Madgwick
  • Kit Nicholson
  • Brian Nygaard
  • Iain Treloar
  • Kate Wagner
  • Marijn de Vries
From Our Editor

"2023 was a year of rapid change. Events piled upon events as in a game of whist; ever better cards falling on top of others, the next one trumping the last in an excess of superlatives. Nothing stayed still for long. At times it was dizzying.

And what did we glean from what we saw? We learned that suddenly the tiniest of gaps can become a chasm. Once the breach has been made, however slight, it takes no more than a little continued pressure for everything to fall apart at once, and at a violent pace. We are left wondering how it ever held together for so long, witnesses to the speed at which things unravel, understanding with new clarity that perhaps it was always going to collapse. We just didn’t see it coming." Ned Boulting, The Road Book editor

Read the full introduction in The Road Book 2023

What the press say...

"Remains true to it's aim of being 'The Ultimate Chronicle' of the sport" Road.cc

"The Road Book is a volume worthy of diehard fans" The Times

"Page after page filled with decadent and pertinent info, chronicling the season of professional road cycling" The Peloton Brief

"The Road Book is a way to rewind and recapture all those hours of racing... totally indispensable" Pez Cycling News

"It's real time cycling history" Cycling News


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    "Nothing stayed still for long. At times it was dizzying"

    GILES BELBIN CONTRIBUTES TO the road book 2023 volume, the definitve cycling chronicle

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