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5 Minutes With: Nick Hussey

5 Minutes With: Nick Hussey

We catch up with Nick Hussey the founder of FRAHM Jacket’s and an avid mental health advocate, to explore his love of cycling and how he got involved. 

The Road Book: What sparked your interest in cycling? 

Nick: A skinny kid who was crap at footie, riding to escape a small mining village, then seeing Roche collapse on La Plane in ‘87 and my mind doing somersaults. THIS IS MY SPORT! 

RB: Can you remember your first bike? 

N: My first road bike was a red Peugeot Tourmalet in 1987. It was 61cm but my dad got it cheap. I wore lifts to reach the pedals. I’m still only a 56cm. But red bikes are still faster. 

RB: What has been your cycling highlight? 

N: I stood on the Champs to photograph the women’s team I sponsored in La Course in 2015. I’d dreamt of being there as a rider - not on a press pass. I cried quite a lot. The rain disguised it. 

RB: Favourite cycling race to watch (on TV or in person)? 

N: The descent into San Remo. Terrifying, nerve wracking. Cool as heck. 

RB: Mountains, Sprint or Time Trial stages? 

N: Time trials, I was a tester when I raced. I just fantasise that it’s me on telly. It isn’t. 

RB: Grand tours or the classics? 

N: Classics 

RB: If you could cycle with anyone dead or alive who would it be? 

N: Alive: Charly Mottet. Dead: Laurent Fignon.

I’ve met all my childhood heroes like Roche, Kelly, Millar & LeMond. Mottet & Fignon were the coolest. Gods, to a teenage me. 

RB: Where’s been your most memorable (or favourite) place to cycle? 

N: Nightmarishly hard question. Probably Norway. I love forests, lakes & rain. You get lots of those. 

RB: Team, Club, or solo rides? 

N: Solo. I ride to escape myself and the weights of the world. It’s my balm. No computers, no notifications. Just the rhythm. 

RB: Post-ride drink? 

N: Huge mug of hot tea.

Follow Nick's adventures on his Instagram.  

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