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Pedal Power: The Science Museum Live

Pedal Power: The Science Museum Live

Professional road-cyclists are amongst the fastest humans on the planet. But what does it take to propel them to such speeds?

On January 29th, The Road Book in collaboration with the Science Museum, decided to tackle this question once and for all and delve into the science behind the sport in front of our host’s sold out IMAX theatre in central London.

Exploring the rigours that the human body endures to withstand the punishing World Tour season, our editor Ned Boulting alongside a panel of experts across physiology, biomechanics and nutrition tried to unpick the secret to success in the saddle.

With access to more information than ever before, how are riders analysing their performance, and how are teams using data to gain a competitive edge over their rivals?

Speakers on the night included:


  • Ned Boulting- Lead Tour de France Commentator for ITV, best-selling author, and editor of “The Road Book”.
  • Michael Hutchinson- Professional cyclist and award-winning author of “Faster” and “Re: Cyclists: 200 Years on Two Wheels”.
  • Jamie Pringle- Head of Science and Technical Development, Boardman Performance Centre.
  • Josie Perry- Sports psychologist and head of Performance in Mind.
  • Alan Murchison- Michelin- starred chef to the British Cycling Team, author of The Cycling Chef and Performance Chef.
  • Paul Barrett- Head of Performance Support and Innovation, Team INEOS.

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket on the night, we have the full audio recording below for your enjoyment.



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