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Audiobook Giveaway- "Velosaurus" Ned Boulting

Audiobook Giveaway- "Velosaurus" Ned Boulting

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The language of cycling is vibrant, sophisticated, often impenetrable and extremely French. Find yourself confused, nodding along when a rouleur relates how le biscuit was effrité (crumbled)? How today they’re feeling Angers (past caring)? Fear no more, for Boulting’s Vélosaurus will illuminate, enlighten and, frankly, mislead.

The Road Book and Ned Boulting have been working tirelessly to delivery you audiobooks from his best selling publications “How I won the Yellow Jumper”, we are “Boulting’s Vélosaurus”, an alphabetical anticdote to the prolonged lack of professional racing.

Did you know:

moutarde = any race that ends, begins or passes through the city of Dijon

In his Vélosaurus, ITV Tour de France commentator and cycling writer Ned Boulting provides the ultimate lexicon of nonsense terminology surrounding the esteemed Tour de France. Featuring essential vocabulary like Alpe (an Alp), panache (riding with doomed flamboyance, conscious of the need to renew one’s contract), moutarde (any race that ends, begins or passes through the city of Dijon) and maillot (a jumper, obviously), Boulting’s Vélosaurus is the ideal companion to all things peloton for linguistically-challenged fans of non-automotive two-wheeled sport.

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