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RB 2020 Illustrations: A Closer Look

RB 2020 Illustrations: A Closer Look

Matthew Green (@matthewgreenatwork) excels in producing beautifully hand-drawn illustrations and his signature style often compared to wood-cut prints and etchings. One of the key features of The Road Book is it’s incredible variety of exclusive essays and insights from the cream of cycling writers around the world. And alongside each of these, is the incredible work of Matthew Green that brings these editorial pieces to life.

With over 30 illustrations now since Matthew’s involvement with The Road Book in 2018, we are excited to show you an insight into his creative process and share a few of our reader’s favourite illustrations from over the years.

2020 Edition Artwork:

Nic Dlamini-“Capricorn Star” (2020 Edition)

Max Leonard- “War, Illness and Not-Racing” (2020 EditioN)

Laura Wieslo- “Riding through the Void” (2020 Edition)


Michael Hutchinson- “Painting (A MASTERPIECE) BY Numbers” (2019 EDITION)

Michael Hutchinson- “THE VIew from the car: WHy modern racing sucks” (2018 Edition)


Tom Isitt- “Viaggi Italiani: A Giro of discovery by Tom isitt” (2019 Edition)



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